About Us


"Meeting the needs of youth, wherever they are"

How We Started

King Edwards Programs were established by Delores Ford-Edwards President Emeritus, who retired in 2019, Warren Edwards- Operations Manager, who retired in 2017, and Barbara Aulu-Board Secretary, who retired in 2021. The organization was started in response to the need to assist youth and young adults who were struggling to achieve independence and transitioning out of the child welfare system. Many were experiencing difficulties in the community and found themselves homeless or without supportive adult resources. For youth who had family and friends, the transition was not as challenging; however, emergency shelters and homeless resources were typical for many.

The Agency’s first response to these youth’s needs was to develop Emergency Respite Care Services. These services were provided from 1995 through 1997. More than 50 youth ages 17 to 21 were stabilized and transitioned back to families or to independent living settings.

In February 2003, King Edwards, Inc. (KEI) was licensed as a Child Placement Agency serving youth ages 17 to 21 and developed Supportive and Independent Living services for this population.

In 2010, KEI proposed that our current service population be expanded to include programming to young parents who have one child and wanted to be considered for Independent Living Placement.

In July of 2011, King Edwards, Inc. “A Journey Home”: Independent Living Services for Youth Parents was approved and is currently in a contractual relationship with DHR to serve twenty (20) youth who are preparing for independent living and successfully exiting the foster care system with their child.