"Meeting the needs of youth, wherever they are"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone be placed in your agency?
Youth must be committed to a State agency in order to be considered for placement.

Do the youth in the KEI program have roommates?
Each youth is placed independently in a one bedroom apartment (two bedroom for young parents and their child).

Where are your apartments located?
King Edwards has established relationships with leasing agents throughout Baltimore City/County to accommodate youth and their day to day needs.

What bills are youth responsible for while enrolled in your program?
Independent youth are responsible for their phone bill.

What money management supports are offered?
Here at KEI, we strive to teach youth the value of a dollar by offering budget training workshops, supports with opening and managing a saving account as well as credit score improvement (ie, managing and paying bills in full and on time).

What supports are offered upon emancipation?
Services vary per youth but can include, a launching stipend for youth who meet qualifications, all items (including furniture) collected during the youth’s stay with KEI, aftercare services (case management, administrative support, etc) and other services as needed.

Do I get to keep my apartment after I age out?
All youth have the option of financially qualifying for their apartment within the complex they are currently residing.